Adacel/Adacel Polio

Adacel/Adacel Polio Contraindications




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Hypersensitivity: Known systemic hypersensitivity reaction to any component of ADACEL-POLIO or a life-threatening reaction after previous administration of the vaccine or a vaccine containing one or more of the same components are contraindications to vaccination. Because of uncertainty as to which component of the vaccine may be responsible, none of the components should be administered. Alternatively, such persons may be referred to an allergist for evaluation if further immunizations are considered.
Acute Neurological Disorders: Encephalopathy (e.g., coma, decreased level of consciousness, prolonged seizures) within 7 days of a previous dose of a pertussis-containing vaccine that is not attributable to another identifiable cause is a contraindication to administration of any pertussis-containing vaccine, including ADACEL-POLIO.
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