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Plantago ovata seed, Ispaghula husk, Tinnevelly Senna pods.
Each 100-g granules contain Plantago ovata seed 52 g, Ispaghula husk 2.2 g and Tinnevelly Senna pods 6.74-13.15 g equivalent to sennoside B 0.3 g.
Agiolax regulates the functioning of the bowel in a natural way. Its action is based on vegetable mucilages which swell up on contact with water to produce a soft and easily passed stool. The senna has supplementary effect in cases where the bowels tend to be sluggish.
Acute constipation, pregnancy and postpartum. To ensure pain-free defecation in patients with haemorrhoids.
Dosage/Direction for Use
Unless otherwise directed by the physician, the following are the recommended doses.
Adults and Children ≥12 years: 1 tsp every evening after supper, and if required, 1 tsp also in the morning before breakfast.
School Children: 1 tsp daily.
Pregnancy: As directed by the physician.
Agiolax should be swallowed unchewed with a sufficient amount of fluid eg, a cup of tea in the evening or a glass of cold water in the morning.
Intestinal obstruction eg, ileus.
Special Precautions
In cases of chronic constipation, the cause has to be cleared up by the physician.
Side Effects
Agiolax does not cause any undesirable side effects.
ATC Classification
A06AB56 - senna glycosides, combinations ; Belongs to the class of contact laxatives.
Granules 5 g x 14's (sachet), 250 g (bottle).
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