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Concise Prescribing Info
Human albumin
1st line treatment for serious hypoalbuminaemia except during the early stage of CV resuscitation in hypovolaemic patients w/ hydrous inflation w/ or w/o hyponatraemia; during chronic exudative enteropathy & graft-versus-host reaction; during cirrhosis w/ refractory ascites, specially around transplantation; hypovolaemia in pregnancy, childhood & in case of known allergy to artificial colloids. 2nd line treatment when synthetic colloids have been used at their max doses; in prevention of nuclear jaundice of the newborn; hypovolaemia & hypoalbuminaemia in newborns & infants.
Dosage/Direction for Use
Special Precautions
Discontinue administration if allergy or anaphylactic reaction occurs. Perform clinical & biological monitoring in patients at risk of hypervolaemia. Monitor patients to prevent circulation overload & dehydration. Maintain mineral salt level balance. Patients on salt-free diet.
Adverse Reactions
Flush, urticaria, shivering, feeling of warmth, nausea.
MIMS Class
Intravenous & Other Sterile Solutions
ATC Classification
B05AA01 - albumin ; Belongs to the class of blood substitutes and plasma protein fractions. Used as blood substitutes.
Albumine-LFB soln for inj 20%
50 mL x 1's
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