Artelac Splash MDO

Artelac Splash MDO Caution For Usage

sodium hyaluronate


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Caution For Usage
How to use Artelac Splash MDO? The patented pump mechanism of Artelac Splash MDO allows the drop solution to be preservative free.
General note: Wash the hands before each use. Avoid contact of the tip of the bottle with the fingers or the eyes to prevent any possible contamination of the solution or injuries.
1. Before each use, remove the protective cap from the tip of the bottle with a rotating movement.
2. Before first use, and if the bottle has not been used for a while: Point the bottle with the tip downwards and press repeatedly the pump mechanism until a drop is released.
3. Hold the bottle as indicated: Place the thumb on the ergonomic thumb support and enclose the lower part with the fingers. Two fingers should be place on the bottom of the bottle.
4. Point the bottle with the tip downwards. Lean back slightly the head. Gently pull the lower eyelid down with a finger of the free hand, hold the bottle in a vertical position over the eyes. Press gently the pump mechanism together to apply one drop into the eye.
Close the eye afterwards and blink in order to optimally spread the drop on the surface of the eye.
5. Immediately after use, shake-off any possible residual drops and replace the protective cap on the tip of the bottle.
Due to the bottle design, a small amount of solution remains in the bottle. However, the specified filling volume can be completely removed from the bottle.
Important information about using Artelac Splash MDO: Please note that upon the first usage or after non-usage for a while, an initial pumping of the solution is necessary. By pumping the solution, the bottle should be kept with the dropper tip down.
Do not touch the eye surface with the tip of the bottle to prevent any possible injury of the eye surface or contamination of the solution.
Once opened, do not share the bottle with anyone else.
Careless use of the product contrary to the instructions for use could result in slipping the product from hand and may cause eye injury.
Discard the medical device after 6 months once opened.
Do not use after the use-by date.
Do not use if the package or bottle is damaged.
Artelac Splash MDO is filled in a bottle with small plastic parts that could be swallowed by small children. Danger of suffocation. Therefore, Artelac Splash MDO should be kept out of reach of children.
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