Atropine Sulfate Martindale

Atropine Sulfate Martindale Contraindications





Medreich Kali
International Med
Full Prescribing Info
The patient should NOT be given Atropine Solution for injection if: He/she is allergic to Atropine sulfate or to any of the other ingredients of this medicine (listed in Description).
He/she suffers from closed-angle glaucoma (a condition that affects the eyes).
He is a man with an enlarged prostate.
He/she suffers from myasthenia gravis (weakness of breathing muscles).
He/she suffers from pyloric stenosis (a narrowing of the opening that takes away food from the stomach).
He/she suffers from paralytic ileus (the intestine stops functioning properly).
He/she suffers from ulcerative colitis - a disease of the colon and rectum.
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