Atropine Sulfate Martindale

Atropine Sulfate Martindale Special Precautions





Medreich Kali
International Med
Full Prescribing Info
Special Precautions
Talk to the doctor, pharmacist or nurse before being given Atropine Solution for injection if: The patient has urinary difficulties.
The patient has heart failure.
The patient has had a heart attack.
The patient has had a heart transplant.
The patient has chronic pulmonary obstructive disease (a condition where the airflow to the lungs is restricted and the patient may cough and feel breathless).
The patient has an overactive thyroid.
The patient has high blood pressure.
The patient has a fever.
The patient has diarrhoea.
The patient has reflux oesophagitis (heartburn).
Driving and using machines: The patient should not drive or use machinery if he/she is affected by the administration of Atropine Solution for injection.
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