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ipratropium bromide


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Caution For Usage
Instructions for use: Please read the instructions for use carefully, to ensure correct administration.
Metered Dose Inhaler: The correct administration is essential for successful therapy.
Before first time use: Depress the valve twice before the inhaler is used.
Before each use the following rules should be observed: 1. Remove protective cap.
2. Breathe out deeply.
3. Hold the inhaler, and close lips over the mouthpiece. The arrow and the base of the container should be pointing upwards.
4. Breathe in as deeply as possible, pressing the base of the canister firmly at the same time, this releases one metered dose. Hold the breath for a few seconds, then remove the mouthpiece and breathe out.
The same action should be repeated for a second inhalation.
5. Replace the protective cap after use.
6. After not using the inhaler for three days the valve has to be actuated once.
The container is not transparent. It is therefore not possible to see when it is empty. The inhaler will deliver 200 puffs. When these have all been used the canister may still appear to contain a small amount of fluid. The inhaler should, however, be replaced because you may not get the right amount of treatment.
The amount of treatment in your inhaler can be checked as follows: Shaking the canister will show if there is any remaining fluid.
Alternatively remove the canister from the plastic mouthpiece and put it into a container of water. The contents of the canister can be estimated by observing its position in the water.
Clean your inhaler at least once a week.
It is important to keep the mouthpiece of your inhaler clean to ensure that medicine does not build up and block the spray.
For cleaning, first take off the dust cap and remove the canister from the inhaler. Rinse warm water through the inhaler until no medication build-up and/or dirt is visible.
After cleaning shake out the inhaler and let it air-dry without using any heating system. Once the mouthpiece is dry, replace the canister and the dust cap.
WARNING: The plastic mouthpiece has been specially designed for use with ATROVENT metered dose inhaler to ensure that you always get the right amount of the medicine. The mouthpiece must never be used with any other metered dose inhaler nor must the ATROVENT metered dose inhaler be used with any mouthpiece other that the one supplied with the product.
The container is under pressure and should by no account be opened by force or exposed to temperatures above 50°C.
Solution for inhalation: The recommended dose is to be diluted with physiological saline to a final volume of 3 - 4 mL and nebulised and inhaled until the solution is consumed. The solution should be rediluted each time before use; any residual diluted solution should be discarded.
Dosage may be dependent upon the mode of inhalation and the quality of nebulisation. In the case of particle sizes up to 5 mcm or with assisted ventilation dose levels may be reduced to approximately 0.4 mL (8 drops = 0.1 mg). The duration of inhalation can be controlled by the dilution volume.
The dose may be repeated after intervals of at least 2 hours, if required.
Daily doses exceeding 2 mg (1 mg in children) should be given under medical supervision.
Patients should be advised to consult a doctor or the nearest hospital immediately in the case of acute or rapidly worsening dyspnea (difficulty in breathing) if additional inhalations do not produce an adequate improvement.
ATROVENT solution for inhalation can be administered using a range of commercially available nebulising devices. Where wall oxygen is available the solution is best administered at a flow rate of 6 - 8 litres per minute.
ATROVENT solution for inhalation and disodium cromoglycate inhalation solutions should not be administered simultaneously in the same nebuliser as precipitation may occur.
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