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Caution For Usage
Instructions for Use/Handling: Patients should be instructed that the device must be primed before first use and re-primed if the cap is left off or the device does not seem to be working. In order to prime the device, the nasal spray needs to be shaken vigorously for about 10 seconds with the cap on. This is important as AVAMYS Nasal Spray is a thick suspension that becomes liquid when vigorously shaken. It will only spray when it becomes liquid. The patient must then press the button firmly all the way in, approximately 6 times until a fine mist is seen, (to ensure a full-dose is delivered). Once primed the patient must shake the nasal spray vigorously each time before use. The cap must be replaced after use to keep the nozzle clean and to prevent the need for re-priming.
Nasal Spray: The medicine comes in a brown glass bottle inside a plastic casing. It will contain 120 sprays, depending on the pack size that has been prescribed.
A window in the plastic casing allows the patient to see how much medicine is left. The patient will not be able to see the liquid level for a new 120 spray bottle because the liquid level is above the window.
The medicine sprays out of the nozzle when the button on the side is pressed firmly all the way in.
A removable cap protects the nozzle from dust and prevents it from blocking up.
Important information about Avamys Nasal Spray: The nasal spray comes in a brown glass bottle. To check how much is left hold the nasal spray upright against a bright light. The patient will then be able to see the level through the window.
In the first use of the nasal spray, shake it vigorously with the cap on for about 10 seconds. This is important as Avamys Nasal Spray is very thick and becomes more liquid when the patient shakes it well. It will only spray when it becomes liquid.
The button on the side must be pressed firmly all the way in, to release a spray through the nozzle.
If the patient has difficulty pressing the button with the thumb, the patient can use two hands. Alternatively, hold the device back to front (or the other way around) and press the button using the forefinger, middle finger and ring finger.
Always keep the cap on the nasal spray when not in use. The cap keeps the dust out, seals in the pressure and stops the nozzle from blocking up. When the cap is in place, the button on the side cannot be pressed accidentally.
Never use a pin or anything sharp to clear the nozzle. It will damage the nasal spray.
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