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Patient Counseling Information
Preparing the nasal spray: Prepare the nasal spray before using it for the first time and/or if the patient has left the cap off.
Preparing the nasal spray helps to make sure that the patient always get the full dose of medicine.
With the cap on, shake the nasal spray vigorously for about 10 seconds.
Remove the cap by gently squeezing the sides of the cap with the thumb and forefinger and pulling it straight off.
Hold the nasal spray upright and point the nozzle away.
Press the button firmly all the way in. Do this at least 6 times to release a fine spray into the air.
Using the nasal spray: 1. Shake the nasal spray vigorously.
2. Remove the cap.
3. Blow nose to clear nostrils, and then tilt head forward a little bit.
4. Hold the nasal spray upright and carefully place the nozzle in one of the nostrils.
5. Point the end of the nozzle toward the outside of the nose, away from the center ridge of the nose. This helps direct the medicine to the right part of the nose.
6. As the patient breathes in through the nose, press the button once firmly all the way in.
7. Be careful not to get any spray in the eyes. If this happens, rinse the eyes with water.
8. Take the nozzle out and breathe out through mouth.
9. If the physician instructed to take 2 sprays per nostril, repeat steps 4 to 6.
10. Repeat steps 4 to 6 for the other nostril.
11. Replace the cap on the nasal spray.
Cleaning the Nasal Spray: After each use: Wipe the nozzle and the inside of the cap. Don’t use water to do this. Wipe with a clean, dry tissue.
Never use a pin or anything sharp on the nozzle.
Always replace the cap once finished to keep out dust, seal in the pressure and stop the nozzle from blocking up.
If the nasal spray does not seem to be working: Check if there is medicine left. Look at the level through the window. If the level is very low there may not be enough left to work the nasal spray.
Check the nasal spray for damage.
If the nozzle may be blocked, don’t use a pin or anything sharp to clear it.
Try to reset it by following the instructions under Preparing the Nasal Spray.
If it is still not working, or if it produces anything other than a fine mist (such as a jet of liquid), or if there is any discomfort using the spray, return it to the pharmacist.
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