Betnovate-N裨乃膚 - N


betamethasone + neomycin




Agencia Lei Va Hong
Concise Prescribing Info
Betamethasone valerate 0.1%, neomycin sulphate 0.5%
Eczema in adult & childn (≥2 yr of age), including atopic & discoid eczemas; prurigo nodularis; psoriasis (excluding widespread plaque psoriasis); neurodermatoses including lichen planus; seborrhoeic dermatitis; contact sensitivity reactions, where secondary bacterial infection is present or suspected or likely to occur. Management of insect bites reactions, prickly heat, anal & genital intertrigo.
Dosage/Direction for Use
Adult & childn ≥2 yr Apply bd-tds until improvement occurs.
Hypersensitivity. Rosacea; acne vulgaris; perioral dermatitis; perianal & genital pruritus. Pruritus w/o inflammation. Primary cutaneous viral infection; not indicated in the treatment of primary infected skin lesions caused by infection w/ fungi or bacteria; primary or secondary infections due to yeast; secondary infections due to Pseudomonas or Proteus spp. Otitis externa when ear drum is perforated. Use in large quantities or on large areas for prolonged periods of time is not recommended in circumstances where significant systemic absorption may occur.
Special Precautions
Avoid long-term therapy particularly in infants & childn. Avoid prolonged application to face, w/draw if there is spread of infection. Avoid contact w/ eyes. Pregnancy & lactation. In renal impairment the plasma clearance of neomycin is reduced.
Adverse Reactions
Local skin burning/pain & pruritus.
ATC Classification
D07CC01 - betamethasone and antibiotics ; Belongs to the class of potent (group III) corticosteroids, in combination with antibiotics. Used in the treatment of dermatological diseases.
Betnovate-N cream
15 g x 1's
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