Blephagel Duo/Blephaclean碧潔靈

Blephagel Duo/Blephaclean


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Concise Prescribing Info
Per Blephagel Duo eye gel Aqua, poloxamer 188, PEG-90, Na borate, carbomer, methylparaben. Per Blephaclean pad Na hyaluronate, capryloyl glycine, Iris florentina extr, Centella asiatica extr
For daily hygiene of sensitive eyelids & skin, & to keep eyelids clean before & after ophth procedures; cleanses desquamated & impurity-soiled eyelid edges; also for contact lens wearers.
Dosage/Direction for Use
Blephagel Duo/Blephaclean Apply on the eyelids & eyelashes bd, morning & evening or as needed. Blephaclean Hygiene of eyelids & eyelashes Gently apply the pad to the eyelids & the base of eyelashes, while keeping the eye closed. Carefully massage the eyelids w/ small circular movements, gently removing any crusts, secretions or cosmetics. Hygiene of eyelid margin In front of a mirror, carefully open the eyelids by lightly pulling on the lashes. Carefully rub the eyelid margin using the rolled-up pad.
Special Precautions
Not to be applied directly in the eye. Blephagel Duo Not to be used for childn <3 yr. Blephaclean Not to be used for childn <3 mth.
MIMS Class
Other Eye Preparations
ATC Classification
S01XA - Other ophthalmologicals ; Used in ophthalmic preparations.
Blephagel Duo eye gel
40 g x 1's
Blephaclean sterile pad
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