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Dosage/Direction for Use
Dosage: A single cycle of treatment of BLINCYTO consists of 28 days of continuous intravenous infusion followed by a 14-day treatment-free interval (total 42 days).
A treatment course consists of up to 2 cycles of BLINCYTO for induction followed by 3 additional cycles for consolidation treatment (up to a total of 5 cycles).
See Table 3 for the recommended daily dose by patient weight. Patients greater than or equal to 45 kg receive a fixed-dose and for patients less than 45 kg, the dose is calculated using the patient's body surface area (BSA). (See Table 3.)

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Dosage Adjustments: If the interruption after an adverse event is no longer than 7 days, continue the same cycle to a total of 28 days of infusion inclusive of days before and after the interruption in that cycle. If an interruption due to an adverse event is longer than 7 days, start a new cycle. (See Table 4.)

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Administration: Hospitalization is recommended for the first 9 days of the first cycle and the first 2 days of the second cycle. For all subsequent cycle starts and re-initiation (eg, if treatment is interrupted for 4 or more hours), supervision by a healthcare professional or hospitalization is recommended.
Premedicate with dexamethasone: For adult patients, premedicate with 20 mg dexamethasone 1 hour prior to the first dose of BLINCYTO of each cycle, prior to a step dose (such as Cycle 1 day 8), and when restarting an infusion after an interruption of 4 or more hours.
For pediatric patients, premedicate with 5 mg/m2 of dexamethasone, to a maximum dose of 20 mg prior to the first dose of BLINCYTO in the first cycle, prior to a step dose (such as Cycle 1 day 8), and when restarting an infusion after an interruption of 4 or more hours in the first cycle.
Administer BLINCYTO as a continuous intravenous infusion at a constant flow rate using an infusion pump. The pump should be programmable, lockable, non-elastomeric, and have an alarm.
Prepared BLINCYTO infusion bags (see Reconstitution and Preparation of Solution for Infusion under Cautions for Usage) should be infused over 24 hours or 48 hours. The choice between 24 hours or 48 hours of the infusion duration should be made by the treating physician considering the frequency of the infusion bag changes.
The starting volume (270 mL) is more than the volume administered to the patient (240 mL) to account for the priming of the IV tubing and to ensure that the patient will receive the full dose of BLINCYTO.
Infuse BLINCYTO solution according to the instructions on the pharmacy label on the prepared bag at one of the following constant infusion rates: Infusion rate of 10 mL/hour for a duration of 24 hours, or Infusion rate of 5 mL/hour for a duration of 48 hours.
The BLINCYTO solution must be administered using IV tubing that contains a sterile, non-pyrogenic, low protein-binding, 0.2 micron in-line filter.
Important Note: Do not flush the BLINCYTO infusion line or intravenous catheter, especially when changing infusion bags. Flushing when changing bags or at completion of infusion can result in excess dosage and complications thereof. When administering via a multi-lumen venous catheter, BLINCYTO should be infused through a dedicated lumen.
At the end of the infusion, any unused BLINCYTO solution in the IV bag and IV tubing should be disposed of in accordance with local requirements.
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