Blincyto Overdosage





Agencia Lei Va Hong
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Overdoses have been observed, including one adult patient who received 133-fold the recommended therapeutic dose of BLINCYTO delivered over a short duration.
In the dose evaluation phase of the Phase 1/2 study in pediatric and adolescent patients with relapsed or refractory B-cell precursor ALL, 1 patient experienced a fatal cardiac failure event in the setting of life-threatening cytokine release syndrome (CRS) at a 30 mcg/m2/day (higher than the maximum tolerated/recommended) dose (see Precautions and Adverse Reactions).
Overdoses resulted in adverse reactions which were consistent with the reactions observed at the recommended therapeutic dose and included fever, tremors, and headache. In the event of overdose, interrupt the infusion, monitor the patient for signs of toxicity, and provide supportive care (see Precautions). Consider re-initiation of BLINCYTO at the correct therapeutic dose when all toxicities have resolved and no earlier than 12 hours after interruption of the infusion (see Dosage & Administration).
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