ergotamine + caffeine




DCH Auriga - Universal
Concise Prescribing Info
Ergotamine tartrate 1 mg, caffeine 100 mg
Acute migraine attacks w/ or w/o aura.
Dosage/Direction for Use
Adult Initially 2 tab. If no relief is obtained w/in ½ hr, 1 tab at half-hrly intervals. For subsequent attacks, the initial dose may be 3 tab. If pain persists, additional 1 tab at half-hrly intervals. Max daily dose: 6 tab. Max wkly dose: 10 tab. Childn 6-12 yr Initially 1 tab. Additional dose of 1 tab may be given twice only if required in the course of an attack. Max daily dose: 3 tab. Max wkly dose: 5 tab.
May be taken with or without food.
Hypersensitivity. Impaired peripheral circulation, obliterative vascular disease, CHD, inadequately controlled HTN, septic conditions, shock; severe renal or hepatic impairment; temporal arteritis; hemiplegic or basilar migraine. Concomitant treatment w/ macrolide antibiotics, HIV protease or reverse transcriptase inhibitors, azole antifungals; vasoconstrictor agents (including ergot alkaloids, sumatriptan & other 5-HT receptor agonists). Pregnancy & lactation.
Special Precautions
Avoid excessive or continued daily use. Drug-induced headaches during prolonged & uninterrupted treatment. May cause myocardial ischaemia or, in rare cases, infarction. Patients should be informed of the max doses allowed & 1st symptoms of overdosage (eg, hypoaesthesia, paresthesia in the fingers & toes, non-migraine-related nausea & vomiting, symptoms of myocardial ischaemia). May induce fibrotic changes if used excessively over years. Patients w/ mild to moderate hepatic impairment especially cholestatic patients.
Adverse Reactions
Dizziness; nausea & vomiting (not migraine-related), abdominal pain.
Drug Interactions
Increased exposure to ergotamine w/ CYP3A inhibitors (eg, macrolide antibiotics, HIV protease or reverse transcriptase inhibitors, azole antifungals). Potential vasospastic reactions w/ propranolol. Enhanced vasoconstriction w/ other vasoconstrictor agents eg, ergot alkaloids, sumatriptan & other 5-HT receptor agonists, nicotine.
ATC Classification
N02CA52 - ergotamine, combinations excl. psycholeptics ; Belongs to the class of ergot alkaloids preparations. Used to relieve migraine.
Cafergot tab
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