Cafergot Dosage/Direction for Use

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Dosage/Direction for Use
Cafergot should be given at the first symptoms of an attack.
Adults: The first time Cafergot is taken, an initial dose of 2 Cafergot tablets orally is recommended. If relief is not obtained within half an hour, a further tablet should be administered; this may be repeated at half-hourly intervals, but the maximum daily dose indicated as follows should not be exceeded.
For subsequent attacks, the initial dose may be increased to 3 tablets depending on the total dose required in previous attacks. If pain persists, additional doses of 1 tablet may be taken at half-hourly intervals up to the maximum dose (see as follows).
Children (6 to 12 years): The initial dose is 1 Cafergot tablet; additional doses of 1 tablet may be given twice only, if required, in the course of an attack.
The following restriction must be observed: If supplementary antimigraine medication is required, the use of any ergotamine-containing preparations, intranasal or parenteral dihydroergotamine or sumatriptan or other 5HT2-receptor agonists must be avoided (see Contraindications).
Maximum dose per attack or per day: Adults: 6 mg ergotamine tartrate = 6 tablets.
Children: 3 mg ergotamine tartrate = 3 tablets.
Maximum weekly dose: Adults: 10 mg ergotamine tartrate = 10 tablets.
Children: 5 mg ergotamine tartrate = 5 tablets.
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