Calcium Folinate Sandoz

Calcium Folinate Sandoz

calcium folinate




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Concise Prescribing Info
Ca folinate
Reduce or counteract toxicity & effects of folic acid anatagonists eg, methotrexate in cytotoxic therapy or overdose in adults & childn. In combination w/ fluorouracil (5-FU) in cytotoxic therapy.
Dosage/Direction for Use
IV/IM Ca folinate rescue in methotrexate therapy 1st dose: 15 mg (6-12 mg/m2) given 12-24 hr after start of methotrexate infusion. Repeat same dose every 6 hr during the next 72 hr. In combination w/ 5-fluorouracil eg, in advanced or metastatic colorectal cancer 2-mth treatment protocol: 200 mg/m2 as IV infusion for 2 hr followed by 400 mg/m2 5-FU as bolus & 22 hr infusion of 600 mg/m2 5-FU on 2 consecutive days every 2 wk on days 1 & 2. Wkly treatment protocol: 20 mg/m2 as IV bolus inj or 200-500 mg/m2 as IV infusion over 2 hr w/ 500 mg/m2 5-FU as IV bolus inj in the middle or at the end of Ca folinate infusion. Mthly treatment protocol: 20 mg/m2 as IV bolus inj or 200-500 mg/m2 as IV infusion, immediately followed by 425 or 370 mg/m2 5-FU as IV bolus inj on 5 consecutive days. Trimetrexate toxicity Prevention: 20 mg/m2 for 5-10 min every 6 hr until 80 mg/m2 daily dose. Administer daily during treatment w/ trimetrexate & for 72 hr after the last trimetrexate dose. Overdose: 40 mg/m2 IV every 6 hr for 3 days. Administer after discontinuing trimetrexate. Trimethoprim toxicity 3-10 mg/day until blood count becomes normal. Administer after discontinuing trimethoprim toxicity. Pyrimethamine toxicity 5-50 mg/day based on the results of peripheral blood count.
Hypersensitivity. Pernicious anaemia or other megaloblastic anaemia due to vit B12 deficiency.
Special Precautions
Do not apply intrathecally. Can mask pernicious anaemia or other anaemia caused by vit B12 deficiency. Not for the treatment of macrocytosis. Patients w/ epilepsy being treated w/ phenobarb, phenytoin, primidone & succinimides. Can increase the risk of toxicity of 5-FU. Do not initiate or continue if symptoms of GI toxicity occur. Patients w/ diarrhea. Patients who have undergone previous radiation therapy. If used in combination w/ 5-FU, monitor Ca level & give additional Ca if Ca level is low. May reduce anti-tumour activity of methotrexate when given in too high doses. Patients on Na-controlled diet. Pregnancy & lactation. Elderly. Debilitated patients.
Adverse Reactions
Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea & dehydration; palmar-plantar erythrodysaesthesia; mucositis including stomatitis, chelitis, pharyngitis, oesophagitis, proctitis.
Drug Interactions
Reduced or eliminated effectiveness of folic acid antagonists eg, cotrimoxazole, pyrimethamine. Reduced effect of anti-epileptics eg, phenobarb, primidone, phenytoin & succinimide. Amplified efficacy & toxicity of fluorouracil.
ATC Classification
V03AF03 - calcium folinate ; Belongs to the class of detoxifying agents used in antineoplastic treatment.
Calcium Folinate Sandoz soln for inj or infusion 350 mg/35 mL
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