Canesten Plus Antifungal Cream確膚寧

Canesten Plus Antifungal Cream

clotrimazole + hydrocortisone




Full Prescribing Info
Clotrimazole, hydrocortisone.
A white cream containing 1.0% w/w clotrimazole and 1.0% w/w hydrocortisone (as 1.12% w/w hydrocortisone acetate, micronised).
The cream comes in tubes containing 15g.
Excipients/Inactive Ingredients: Canesten Plus Antifungal Cream also contains benzyl alcohol, cetostearyl alcohol, triceteareth-4-phosphate, triglycerides medium-chain, sodium hydroxide / hydrochloric acid and purified water.
Canesten Plus contains two active ingredients: Clotrimazole is one of a group of medicines called imidazoles, which destroy the fungi and some bacteria that cause skin infections.
Hydrocortisone is a mild steroid and is used to reduce swelling, redness and itching caused by inflammation of the skin.
Canesten Plus Antifungal Cream has been prescribed by the doctor to treat fungal skin infection and to reduce any swelling and itching that the infection may cause.
It can be used for the treatment of infection and irritation of the vulva or end of the penis (glans) caused by thrush. Also it can be used to treat fungal nappy rash and fungal infection of the breast fold (intertrigo) and infections such as ringworm and athlete's foot.
Dosage/Direction for Use
Unless directed otherwise by the doctor, follow these directions closely: Before use, pierce the tube seal by inverting the cap over the end of the tube and press.
If the feet are infected, they should be washed and dried thoroughly, especially between the toes, before applying the cream.
The cream should be applied thinly and evenly to the affected area twice daily and rubbed in gently. Approximately 1 cm of cream per application should be enough.
Do not cover the area being treated with a dressing or bandage.
As with all products containing hydrocortisone, the patient should wash hands after applying this cream.
The symptoms of skin infection, such as itching or soreness, should improve within a few days of treatment, although signs such as redness and scaling may take longer to disappear. If the symptoms persist or not starting to improve after 7 days, consult the doctor.
Canesten Plus Antifungal Cream is for external use only and should not be put in the mouth or swallowed. If it is swallowed accidentally, seek medical advice immediately. If accidentally gotten cream in the eyes or mouth, wash immediately with water and contact the doctor.
Remember: Do not use the cream for more than seven days, unless advised to do so by the doctor.
What to do if forgotten to use Canesten Plus Antifungal Cream: Apply the cream as soon as possible and then continue the rest of the treatment as usual.
Do not use the cream: If the patient (or the baby if treating nappy rash) is allergic (hypersensitive) to clotrimazole, hydrocortisone or any of the other ingredients, including cetostearyl alcohol, of Canesten Plus Antifungal Cream; On areas of broken skin; On large areas of skin (more than 5-10% of body surface); For longer than 7 days; To treat cold sores or acne; On any untreated bacterial skin infection, such as syphilis or tuberculosis; On herpes, chicken pox, shingles or rosacea; On vaccination reaction.
If unsure about any of these restrictions, ask the doctor.
Special Precautions
Wash hands immediately after applying the cream.
As with all steroids, long-term, continuous use on large areas of skin should be avoided, particularly in infants and children.
Do not cover the area being treated with a dressing or bandage.
As with other creams and pessaries this product may reduce the effectiveness of rubber contraceptives, such as condoms or diaphragms, when used together. If the patient is using this cream on the vulva or penis, the patient should use alternative precautions for at least five days after using this product.
This product contains cetostearyl alcohol which may cause local skin irritation (e.g. rash, itching or redness).
Use in Children: In infants, care should be taken not to fasten nappies too tightly over the treated area, as this may increase the absorption of hydrocortisone.
Use in Pregnancy & Lactation: If pregnant, breast-feeding or trying for a baby, tell the doctor before using Canesten Plus Antifungal Cream. If the doctor has been informed already, follow his/her instructions carefully.
Adverse Reactions
Like all medicines, Canesten Plus Antifungal Cream can cause unwanted effects, although not everybody gets them.
As with all medicines, some people may be allergic to the cream. If the patient or the baby is allergic, a reaction will occur soon after using it. If the patient or the baby experiences an allergic reaction, stop using Canesten Plus Antifungal Cream and seek medical advice immediately. Signs of an allergic reaction may include: Rash; Swallowing or breathing problems; Swelling of the lips, face, throat or tongue; Weakness, feeling dizzy or faint; Nausea.
The patient might experience itching, rash, blisters, burning, discomfort, swelling, irritation, redness or peeling of skin immediately after applying the cream.
The patient may experience skin reactions such as broken veins, excess hair growth, stretch marks, thinning or whitening of skin, secondary infections or an acne-like rash if the patient applies the cream to a large area or under a dressing, and/or the patient uses the cream for more than 2 weeks. Treatment should be limited to 7 days unless advised otherwise by the doctor. (See Precautions.)
If the patient or the baby experiences any of the previously mentioned effects or reacts badly to this medicine in any other way not listed in this monograph, consult the doctor immediately.
Caution For Usage
If the patient finds that he/she still has this medicine after the expiry date, return it to the local pharmacist (chemist), who will dispose of it properly.
Remember: This medicine has been prescribed for the patient. Do not give it to anyone else under any circumstances. If having any doubts about using Canesten Plus Antifungal Cream correctly, seek the advice of the doctor or pharmacist.
Store the cream in its original container at a temperature below 30°C.
ATC Classification
D01AC20 - imidazoles/triazoles in combination with corticosteroids ; Belongs to the class of imidazole and triazole derivatives. Used in the topical treatment of fungal infection.
Cream 15 g.
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