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Collawell Collagen Hydrolysate Indications/Uses


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COLLAWELL Hydrolysate 10,000mg may help to: Relieve and comfort the joints; Increase joint mobility; Regenerate joint cartilage.
Other beneficial effects: Anti-aging - improvements in skin health like hydrating and firming the skin; Nourishes body tissues, bones, hair, skin and nails.
Who Should Take COLLAWELL Collagen Hydrolysate 10,000mg?: Anyone who wishes to restore the collagen in the body naturally; Patients suffering from arthritis-related conditions such as joint pain and stiffness; Post-menopausal women who are at high risk of osteoporosis; Athletes who are physically active but experience joint pains; Elderly people.
Why should the patient take COLLAWELL Collagen Hydrolysate 10,000mg?: COLLAWELL's ingredient collagen hydrolysate is a type II collagen which is abundant in cartilage and eyes. It's unique in its amino acid structure because of its high amounts of glycine, lysine and proline, which are found in lower amounts in other protein food supplements. These particular amino acids are found to generate cell growth much quicker because of the natural ability to produce supporting amounts of connective tissue that diminishes as we aged.
Who can take COLLAWELL Collagen Hydrolysate 10,000mg?: Studies have shown that collagen hydrolysate in COLLAWELL's ingredient is an ideal nutritional supplement for anyone wanting to stay fit and well or who want to reduce the risk of degenerative joint disease. Collagen hydrolysate plays an important role for use in individuals at risk for development of joint degeneration. It also benefits individuals participating in extensive non-occupational physical activities including recreational runners/walkers, cyclists, gym members, self-defense art, soccer/football players; individuals with a past history of significant joint injury such as fracture or ligamentous injury; and individuals with a family history suggesting a genetic predisposition of osteoarthritis.
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