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What is Collagen?: Collagen is the most abundant and ubiquitous protein in the human and animal body, comprising approximately 30% of total protein. Collagen is found primarily in the bones, skin, muscles, and tendons, where it forms a scaffold to provide strength and structure.
Types of Collagen - Which is suitable for the patient?: To date, up to 28 different types of collagen have been identified. Among them, Type I, II and III take up to 80%-90% of collagens in human body. Various types of collagens have slightly different amino acid compositions and provide other specific functions in our body.
When it comes to choosing a collagen supplement, the patient should know first which part of the body he/she wishes to benefit in order to bring the maximum result. (See table.)

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Hydrolyzed Collagen (collagen peptide) for Joint Health: To restore the amount of collagen in the body, the easiest and definitive way is to take collagen supplements. In order for the body to fully absorb and utilize the collagen present in a product, it's best to pick the highly bioavailable form of collagen hydrolysate.
Through a revolutionary hydrolysis process, collagen molecules are broken down into smaller peptides or amino acids. The resulting short peptides make up collagen hydrolysate which is more easily digested in the gut, able to cross the intestinal barrier, enter the circulation and become available for metabolic processes in the skin, joint and connective tissue.
Hydrolyzed collagen stimulates cell growth in joint cartilage. This natural substance induces the formation of new cartilage tissue and restores cartilage degradation resulting from sports activity, work related stress and the natural aging process. People suffering from joint problems can regain mobility and enjoy much-improved quality of life.
Clinical Scientific Substantiation on the Role of Collagen in Joint Health: Numerous clinical studies have shown that hydrolyzed collagen is beneficial to individuals suffering from joint discomfort.
Relief of osteoarthritis pain in the knee or hip was noted in a study receiving 10g hydrolyzed collagen daily over a 2-month period. According to a recent study published in the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, patients with osteoarthritis who were given 10g of hydrolyzed collagen displayed significant improvements in joint health after 13 weeks of treatment.
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