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Collawell Collagen Hydrolysate Special Precautions


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Special Precautions
How safe is COLLAWELL Collagen Hydrolysate 10,000mg?: The US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) safety studies confirmed Collagen Hydrolysate as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) status. A GRAS substance is one that is considered safe by experts when added to food.
Both World Health Administration (WHO) and the European Commission for Health and Consumer Protection have confirmed that Collagen Hydrolysate is safe. Collagen Hydrolysate is safe. Collagen Hydrolysate is recognized by WHO to have particular benefit for joint health and is a key focus of WHO's Bone & Joints Decade Initiative.
Collagen hydrolysate is a food supplement, not a drug. Thus, long term regular intake is safe and may serve as a preventive measure.
Is COLLAWELL a steroid or pain killer?: COLLAWELL is a food supplement, not a drug or medication.
Will the patient gain weight from consumption of COLLAWELL Collagen Hydrolysate 10,000mg? Are there fats contents?: Consumption of COLLAWELL has no effects on weight increase or dietary imbalance. COLLAWELL contains no fats, carbohydrates or preservatives.
Can the patient take COLLAWELL if the patient is pregnant or diabetic?: COLLAWELL is generally safe for pregnant women, diabetics or obese patients. Should there be any concern, please consult the physician.
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