Crysvita Overdosage


Kyowa Kirin


DCH Auriga - Healthcare
Full Prescribing Info
There have been no reports of overdose with CRYSVITA. CRYSVITA has been administered in pediatric clinical trials without dose limiting toxicity using doses up to 2 mg/kg body weight with a maximal dose of 90 mg, administered every two weeks. In adult clinical trials, no dose limiting toxicity has been observed using doses up to 1 mg/kg or a maximal total dose of 128 mg every 4 weeks. In non-XLH rabbits and cynomolgus monkeys, ectopic mineralization in multiple tissues and organs was observed at doses of burosumab that resulted in supra-physiologic serum phosphate levels. Adverse effects on bone including reductions in bone mineral density, bone mineralization and bone strength were also observed at exposure greater than human exposure [see Pharmacology: Toxicology: Nonclinical Toxicology: Animal Toxicology and/or Pharmacology under Actions].
In case of overdose, it is recommended that serum phosphorus levels, serum calcium levels and renal function be measured immediately and monitored periodically until resolution to normal/baseline levels. In case of hyperphosphatemia, withhold CRYSVITA and initiate appropriate medical treatment.
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