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Side Effects
Like all medicines, Dapsone tablets can cause side effects, particularly when the patient first starts taking it, although not everybody gets them. Please tell the doctor or pharmacist in case of any of the following effects or any effects not listed.
Contact the doctor at once if the following occur: Dapsone syndrome: a 'dapsone syndrome' may occur after 3-6 weeks of treatment. Symptoms always include rash, fever and changes in blood cells. It is important to seek medical help immediately as severe skin reactions, inflammation of the liver, kidney damage and mental illness have occurred if treatment is not stopped or reduced. Some deaths have been reported.
Effects on leprosy: if the patient is being treated for leprosy and the condition does not improve or gets eye or nerve damage, talk to the doctor.
Tell the doctor if the patient notices any of the following side effects or notices any other effects not listed: Effects on the blood: anaemia caused by destruction of red blood cells, changes in the type and number of other blood cells (the patient may develop ulcers in the mouth or on the skin).
Effects on the skin: rash which can be raised, discoloured, tender, destructive or itchy, sensitivity to sunlight or artificial light such as sun-bed (symptoms such as tingling, burning or redness of the skin). Rarely skin conditions may be associated with fever, malaise, lung or kidney damage.
Effects on the nervous system: headache, difficulty sleeping, nerve damage which may cause tingling in the arms or legs and some weakness.
Effects on the gastrointestinal system: loss of appetite, feeling or being sick, inflammation of the liver.
Other effects: fast heart beat, mental disturbances, changes in liver function tests, jaundice.
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