Dermazin Dosage/Direction for Use

silver sulfadiazine




Agencia Lei Va Hong
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Dosage/Direction for Use
An appropriate treatment regimen is promptly instituted after evaluating the extent and depth of the burn wound.
After the burned area is cleaned and debrided, Dermazin cream is applied to a thickness of 2-4 mm to the burned area or preferably, the cream is applied to sterile gauze which is placed over the burn wound. The cream is applied to sterile spatula or gloved hand. The burned areas are usually covered with the cream once daily; in severe burn wounds the cream is reapplied daily. Duration of superficial burn treatment depends on the injury ranging from several days to one month at the most. Surgery is required only if no healing occurs after one month of treatment with Dermazin.
Prior to each reapplication of the cream, the burn should be washed in shower or with an antiseptic solution to remove remnants of cream and wound exudates which are abundant after Dermazin application, resembling pus in colour but usually aseptic.
Dermazin cream in jars intended for repeated application in one patient only. The application of the cream is painless. It does not stain clothes and bed linen.
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