Dexamet Solution for Inj

Dexamet Solution for Inj



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Concise Prescribing Info
Dexamethasone Na phosphate
Dosage/Direction for Use
By IM inj or slow IV inj or infusion Adult Initially 0.5-24 mg. Childn 200-400 mcg/kg daily. For acute life-threatening situations (eg, anaphylaxis, acute severe asthma) substantially higher dosages may be needed. Cerebral oedema Adult Initially 8-16 mg IV followed by 5 mg IV/IM every 6 hr. Thereafter, the dosage has to be tapered off gradually. Local treatment Intra-articulary 1.6-3 mg large joints; 0.6-0.8 mg small joints. Intrabusally 1.6-3 mg. Tendon sheaths 0.3-0.8 mg. Frequency may vary from once every 3-5 days to 2-3 wk. Ulcerative colitis Rectal drip 4 mg diluted in 120 mL saline.
Hypersensitivity. Systemic infection unless specific anti-infective therapy is employed. Local inj in bacteraemia & systemic fungal infections, unstable joints, infection of the inj site.
Special Precautions
Cancer of the blood; kidney or liver problems; high BP or heart disease; diabetes or family history of diabetes; muscle weakness; osteoporosis; glaucoma; peptic ulcer; mental problems or illness; epilepsy; migraines; infection w/ parasites; TB; stunted growth; Cushing's syndrome; head injury; stroke. Serious neurologic events w/ epidural administration. Monitor growth & development in childn. Should not be routinely given to premature babies w/ resp problems. Inform physician in case of infection. Avoid contact w/ anyone who has chicken pox, shingles or measles. Pregnancy & lactation.
Adverse Reactions
GI problems; pancreatitis; problem w/ salts in the blood, high BP, blood clots; osteoporosis, risk of fracture, bone disease, damaged tendons & joints; recurring infections (eg, childn pox); skin problem; glaucoma, cataracts, eye infections; Cushingoid or moon face; headache; depression, mania, anxiety, insomnia, hallucinations; skin rash, difficulty in breathing or collapse.
Drug Interactions
High BP medicine or diuretics; antibiotics; anti-epileptic medicine; pain or anti-inflammatory medicine; anti-diabetic medicine; K lowering medicine; medicine for myasthenia; anti-cancer treatment; ephedrine; acetazolamide; carbenoxolone.
MIMS Class
Corticosteroid Hormones
ATC Classification
H02AB02 - dexamethasone ; Belongs to the class of glucocorticoids. Used in systemic corticosteroid preparations.
Dexamet soln for inj 5 mg/mL
10 × 1's
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