Diosmin + Hesperidin

Concise Prescribing Info
Listed in Dosage.
Dosage/Direction for Use
Adult : PO Chronic venous disease Per tab contains diosmin 450 mg and hesperidin 50 mg: 2 tab/day. Haemorrhoids Per tab contains diosmin 450 mg and hesperidin 50 mg: Acute attack: 6 tab/day for 1st 4 days, followed by 4 tab/day for next 3 days; Chronic haemorrhoids: 2 tab/day.
Dosage Details
Adult: Each tablet containing diosmin 450 mg and hesperidin 50 mg. Acute attack: 6 tablets daily for the 1st 4 days followed by 4 tablets daily for the next 3 days. Chronic haemorrhoids: 2 tablets daily.

Chronic venous disease
Adult: Each tablet containing disomin 450 mg and hesperidin 50 mg: 2 tablets daily.
Special Precautions
Adverse Reactions
GI discomfort.
Drug Interactions
Metabolism of metronidazole may be reduced by concurrent admin of diosmin.
Description: Diosmin and hesperidin are flavonoid compounds. When used together, they prolong the vasoconstrictor effect of noradrenaline on the venous wall, thus increasing venous return and reducing venous hyperpressure present in patients with chronic venous disease. They also improve lymphatic drainage and protect the microcirculation from inflammation. Diosmin and hesperidin are used together in the treatment of venous disease e.g. chronic venous disease and haemorrhoidal disease.
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