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Dosage/Direction for Use
Always take this medicine exactly as advised by the doctor. Check with the doctor or pharmacist if unsure.
Please note that only EUROVASTIN-10 tablets 10 mg and EUROVASTIN-20 tablets 20 mg are available. Please consider other suitable oral preparation for recommended dosage of 5 mg.
The recommended dose in adults: If taking EUROVASTIN for lowering cholesterol: Starting dose: Treatment with Rosuvastatin must start with the 5-mg or the 10-mg dose, even if a higher dose of a different statin has been taken before. The choice of the start dose will depend upon: The cholesterol level; The level of risk the patient has of experiencing a heart attack or stroke; Whether the patient has a factor that may make him/her more sensitive to possible side effects.
Please check with the doctor or pharmacist which start dose of Rosuvastatin will be most suitable.
The doctor may decide to give the patient the lowest dose (5 mg) if the patient: is of Asian origin (Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Vietnamese, Korean and Indian); is over 70 years of age; has moderate kidney problems; is at risk of muscle aches and pains (myopathy).
Increasing the dose and maximum daily dose: The doctor may decide to increase the dose. This is so that the patient is taking the right amount of Rosuvastatin. If the patient started with a 5-mg dose, the doctor may decide to double this to 10 mg then 20 mg and then 40 mg if necessary. If the patient started on 10 mg, the doctor may decide to double this to 20 mg and then 40 mg if necessary. There will be a gap of four weeks between every dose adjustment.
The maximum daily dose of Rosuvastatin is 40 mg. It is only for patients with high cholesterol levels and patients with a high risk of heart attacks or stroke whose cholesterol levels are not lowered enough with 20 mg.
If taking EUROVASTIN to reduce the risk of having a heart attack, stroke or related health problems: The recommended dose is 20 mg daily. However, the doctor may decide to use a lower dose if the patient has any of the factors previously mentioned.
Taking the tablets: Tablets should be swallowed whole with water. EUROVASTIN should be taken once daily at any time of the day. It is advised to take the tablets at the same time every day to help in remembering it.
Regular cholesterol checks: It is important to go back to the doctor for regular cholesterol checks, to make sure the cholesterol has reached and is staying at the correct level.
The doctor may decide to increase the dose so that the patient is taking the right amount of EUROVASTIN.
If taking EUROVASTIN is forgotten: Just take the next scheduled dose at the correct time. Do not take a double dose to make up for a forgotten tablet.
If taking EUROVASTIN is stopped: Talk to the doctor if wanting to stop taking EUROVASTIN. The cholesterol levels might increase again if taking EUROVASTIN is stopped.
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