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Dosage/Direction for Use
Fasturtec should be administered under the supervision of a physician trained in chemotherapy of haematological malignancies.
Use Fasturtec immediately prior to and during the initiation of chemotherapy only, as at present, there is insufficient data to recommend multiple treatment courses.
Recommended Dose: 0.2 mg/kg/day, as a once daily 30-min IV infusion in 50 mL of a 9-mg/mL sodium chloride solution (0.9% w/v). (See Instructions for Use/Handling and Disposal under Cautions for Usage)
Duration of Treatment: May be up to 7 days. The exact duration should be based upon adequate monitoring of uric acid levels in plasma and clinical judgement.
Children: No dose adjustment is necessary.
No dose adjustment is necessary for special populations (renally- or hepatically- impaired patient).
Administration: Administration of rasburicase does not require any change in the timing or schedule of initiation of cytoreductive chemotherapy.
Rasburicase solution should be infused over 30 min and should be infused through a different line than that used for infusion of chemotherapeutic agents to prevent any possible drug incompatibility. If use of separate line is not possible, the line should be flushed out with saline solution between infusion of chemotherapeutic agents and rasburicase.
Because rasburicase may degrade uric acid in vitro, special precautions must be used during sample handling for plasma uric acid measurements (see Instructions for Use/Handling and Disposal under Cautions for Usage).
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