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Caution For Usage
Instructions for Use/Handling: Testing the Inhaler: Before using for the first time or if the inhaler has not been used for a week or more remove the mouthpiece cover by gently squeezing the sides of the cover, shake the inhaler well, and release one puff into the air to make sure that it works.
Using the Inhaler: 1. Remove the mouthpiece cover by gently squeezing the sides of the cover.
2. Check inside and outside of the inhaler including the mouthpiece for the presence of loose objects.
3. Shake the inhaler well to ensure that any loose objects are removed and that the contents of the inhaler are evenly mixed.
4. Hold the inhaler upright between fingers and thumb with the thumb on the base, below the mouthpiece.
5. Breathe out as far as is comfortable and then place the mouthpiece in the mouth between the teeth and close the lips around it but do not bite it.
6. Just after starting to breathe in through the mouth, press down on the top of the inhaler to release FLIXOTIDE while still breathing in steadily and deeply.
7. While holding the breath, take the inhaler from the mouth and take the finger from the top of the inhaler. Continue holding the breath for as long as is comfortable.
8. To take further puffs, keep the inhaler upright and wait about half a minute before repeating steps 3 to 7.
9. Replace the mouthpiece cover by firmly pushing and snapping the cap into position.
Important: Do not rush steps 5, 6 and 7. It is important to start to breathe in as slowly as possible just before operating the inhaler. Practise in front of a mirror for the first few times. If "mist" is seen coming from the top of the inhaler or the sides of the mouth, the procedure should be started again from step 2.
If the doctor has given different instructions for using the inhaler, please follow them carefully. Tell the doctor if the patient has any difficulties.
After using the inhaler, rinse the mouth with water and spit it out.
Children: Young users of FLIXOTIDE inhaler may need assistance. Parents of toddlers must practice using the inhaler, encouraging the child to breathe out and then releasing FLIXOTIDE at the exact moment of inhalation.
Patients with weak hands should use the inhaler with both hands - the two forefingers on the top and both thumbs beneath the mouthpiece.
Caution: The metal canister is pressurized. Do not attempt to puncture it or burn even when empty.
It is dangerous to exceed the recommended dose.
If the inhaler becomes very cold, remove the metal canister and warm in the hand a few minutes before use. Never use other forms of heat.
Cleaning: The inhaler should be cleaned at least once a week.
1. Pull the metal canister out of the plastic casing of the inhaler and remove the mouthpiece cover.
2. Wipe the plastic casing and mouthpiece with a damp cloth.
3. Leave to dry in a warm place. Avoid excessive heat.
4. Replace the canister and mouthpiece cover.
Do not put the metal canister into water.
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