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Special Precautions
Avoid vaginal douche or rinses during treatment with Fluomizin.
Seek medical advice before taking any medicine.
Use in pregnancy: Fluomizin may be used during pregnancy.
Consult the physician for an assessment of the benefits and risks of Fluomizin during the 1st trimester.
No reproduction toxicity studies have been conducted with Fluomizin. However, developmental toxicity studies with quaternary ammonium compounds did not reveal evidence of embryofoetal toxicity. In a clinical study with dequalinium chloride and in a drug utilization study with Fluomizin, no toxic effects on the foetuses were observed after vaginal application.
Data from post-marketing surveillance on a estimated use of Fluomizin in approximately a million pregnant women provide no evidence for adverse effects of dequalinium chloride on pregnancy or on the health of the foetus/newborn child.
Use in lactation: Fluomizin may be used during lactation.
No data regarding the uptake of dequalinium chloride into breast milk are available. Based on the absorption data and the fact that the duration of the treatment is only 6 days, adverse affects on the foetus or newborn are improbable.
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