GamaSTAN Mechanism of Action

human normal immunoglobulin




Luen Cheong Hong
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Pharmacology: Pharmacodynamics: The prophylactic value of GAMASTAN is greatest when given before or soon after exposure.
Mechanism of Action: The polyclonal antibody in GAMASTAN is a passive immunizing agent to neutralize viruses, such as hepatitis A and measles viruses, to prevent or ameliorate disease.
Pharmacokinetics: Peak levels of immunoglobulin G are obtained approximately two days after intramuscular injection of GAMASTAN. The half-life of IgG in the circulation of individuals with normal IgG levels is 23 days.
In a clinical study, 12 healthy human subjects received a 20 IU/kg intramuscular dose of HYPERRAB, (rabies immune globulin (human)), made using the same manufacturing process as GAMASTAN. Detectable passive rabies neutralizing antibody was present by 24 hours and persisted through the 21 day follow-up evaluation period. The figure as follows shows the mean levels of rabies virus antibodies in IU/mL across the 21 day evaluation period and indicates that the titer remains stable during this period.

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