Harnal D

Harnal D Caution For Usage





Firma Chun Cheong
Full Prescribing Info
Caution For Usage
Caution in dispensing: For drugs that are dispensed in a press-through package (PTP), instruct the patient to remove the drug from the package prior to taking this product. [It has been reported that, if the PTP sheet is swallowed, the sharp corners of the sheet may puncture the esophageal mucosa, resulting in severe complications such as mediastinitis.]
Caution in oral administration: Patients should be instructed not to chew the tablets. [Prolonged-release particles of tamsulosin hydrochloride are contained in this product. Crushing or chewing the tablets may destroy the prolonged-release particles and may cause changes in pharmacokinetics.]
The tablets can be soaked in saliva on the tongue, lightly mashed between the tongue and the hard palate, and then swallowed with saliva alone.
The tablets should not be taken without water if the patient is lying down.
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