Humalog Mix25/Humalog Mix50

Humalog Mix25/Humalog Mix50 Overdosage

insulin lispro + insulin lispro protamine


Eli Lilly


Agencia Lei Va Hong
Full Prescribing Info
If Humalog Mix25/Humalog Mix50 is taken more than necessary, a low blood sugar may occur. Check the blood sugar.
If the blood sugar is low (mild hypoglycaemia), eat glucose tablets, sugar or drink a sugary drink. Then eat fruit, biscuits, or a sandwich, as the doctor's advice and have some rest. This will often get the patient over mild hypoglycaemia or a minor insulin overdose. If the patient gets worse and the breathing is shallow and the skin gets pale, tell the doctor immediately. A glucagon injection can treat quite severe hypoglycaemia. Eat glucose or sugar after the glucagon injection. If glucagon has no effect, the patient will have to go to a hospital.
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