Human Albumin 200 g/L Baxter

Human Albumin 200 g/L Baxter

human albumin




Concise Prescribing Info
Human albumin
Restoration & maintenance of circulating blood vol where vol deficiency has been demonstrated & use of a colloid is appropriate.
Dosage/Direction for Use
IV Required dose depends on the size of the patient, severity of trauma or illness & on continuing fluid & protein losses. Adjust infusion rate according to the individual circumstances & indication.
Hypersensitivity to albumin prep or any of the excipients.
Special Precautions
Suspicion of allergic or anaphylactic type reactions requires immediate discontinuation of inj. Caution in conditions where hypervolaemia & its consequences or haemodilution could represent a special patient risk. Adequate hydration in patients when concentrated albumin is administered; monitor carefully to guard against circulatory overload & hyperhydration. Monitor patient's electrolyte status. Do not dilute w/ water for inj as this may cause haemolysis in recipients. Control coagulation & haematocrit if comparatively large vol are to be replaced. Hypervolaemia may occur if dosage & rate of infusion are not adjusted to patient's circulatory situation; immediately stop infusion at the 1st clinical signs of CV overload (headache, dyspnoea, jugular vein congestion), or increased BP, raised central venous pressure & pulmonary oedema. Patients on a controlled Na diet.
Adverse Reactions
ATC Classification
B05AA01 - albumin ; Belongs to the class of blood substitutes and plasma protein fractions. Used as blood substitutes.
Human Albumin 200 g/L Baxter soln for infusion
50 mL x 1's
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