Human Albumin 200 g/L Baxter

Human Albumin 200 g/L Baxter Dosage/Direction for Use

human albumin




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Dosage/Direction for Use
The concentration of the albumin preparation, dosage and the infusion rate should be adjusted to the patient's individual requirements.
Posology: The dose required depends on the size of the patient, the severity of trauma or illness and on continuing fluid and protein losses. Measures of adequacy of circulating volume and not plasma albumin levels should be used to determine the dose required.
If human albumin is to be administered, haemodynamic performance should be monitored regularly; this may include: arterial blood pressure and pulse rate; central venous pressure; pulmonary artery wedge pressure; urine output; electrolyte concentration; haematocrit/haemoglobin; clinical signs of cardiac/respiratory failure (e.g., dyspnoea); clinical signs of increasing intra-cranial pressure (e.g., headache).
Method of administration: Human Albumin 200 g/l [Baxter/Baxalta] can be directly administered by the intravenous route, or it can also be diluted in an isotonic solution (e.g. 5 % glucose or 0.9 % sodium chloride).
The infusion rate should be adjusted according to the individual circumstances and the indication.
In plasma exchange the infusion rate should be adjusted to the rate of removal.
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