Imojev Drug Interactions

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Drug Interactions
Concomitant administration with other vaccine(s): Separate injection sites and separate syringes should be used when other vaccines are concomitantly administered with IMOJEV (see Dosage & Administration).
From 12 months of age, IMOJEV may be administered at the same time as vaccines against measles, mumps, or rubella, either stand alone or combined.
For children living in or travelling to areas where risk for measles is high, IMOJEV may be administered at the same time as measles vaccine, either stand alone or combined with mumps and/or rubella vaccines, from as early as 9 months of age.
IMOJEV may be administered to adults at the same time as the yellow fever vaccine.
Vaccine-drug interactions: In the case of immunosuppressive therapy or corticosteroid therapy, refer to Contraindications and Precautions.
Administering the vaccine in individuals who have previously received immunoglobulins: In order to avoid any neutralisation of the attenuated viruses contained in the vaccine, vaccination must not be performed within 6 weeks, and preferably not within 3 months of injection of immunoglobulins or blood products containing immunoglobulins, such as blood or plasma.
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