Innohep Mechanism of Action

tinzaparin sodium


LEO Pharma


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Tinzaparin sodium is a low molecular weight heparin produced by enzymatic depolymerization of conventional heparin.
The molecular mass is between 1,000 and 14,000 dalton, with a peak maximum molecular mass of approx. 4,500 dalton. Tinzaparin sodium is an anti-thrombotic agent.
Innohep has a bioavailability of about 90% following subcutaneous injection. The absorption half-life is 200 minutes, peak plasma activity being observed after 4-6 hours.
The elimination half-life is about 80 minutes. Tinzaparin sodium is eliminated, primarily with the urine, as unchanged drug.
The pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics of innohep are monitored by anti-Xa activity. There is a linear dose-response relationship between plasma activity and the dose administered.
The biological activity of innohep is expressed in international units anti-Xa.
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