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Patient Counseling Information
Instructions for use of the innohep syringes: Wash your hands before you inject the medicine. Wipe clean the skin around the injection site with spirit and let it dry - do not rub.
Subcutaneous injection of innohep should be carried out according to the following steps: 1. Open the tube bending the coloured lid all the way back and remove the syringe. Inspect the content of the syringe before you use it. If you observe cloudiness or precipitate in the medicine, do not use it but take another syringe. The medicine may turn yellow during storage but can still be used if the solution is clear.
2. Bend the safety device down away from the cap on the needle.
3. Remove the protective needle cap without bending the needle. Adjust the syringe to the dose prescribed by your doctor. Remove the remaining solution by pressing the plunger in vertical position. Do not pull back the plunger and do not press out the air bubble. If the air bubble is not placed right by the plunger, then tap lightly on the syringe until the air bubble is in place.
4. Hold a skin fold loosely between thumb and index finger of one hand and with the other hand insert the needle vertically at the skin fold, at a right angle to the skin.
5. Slowly inject the required dose into the fatty tissue of e.g. the abdominal skin, the extensor sides of the thigh, lower back or upper arm. Wait a few seconds to give the solution time to distribute before you remove the needle and release the skin fold.
6. Wipe off any blood with a tissue. Choose a different injection site next time (for instance, move from the left to the right of the abdomen).
7. Bend the safety device back to its original position so it is now underneath the needle. Then with the safety device flat against a hard surface, push downwards until the needle locks into the device.
8. You can either place the used syringe in the tube with the needle downwards or you can put the used syringe into a sharps container. The syringe is now secured, and the tube or sharps container can be handed over for destruction at the hospital or by the pharmacist.
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