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Dosage/Direction for Use
During catheterisation: Instill 6ml or 11ml. After the usual cleaning of the glans and the external urethral orifice, Instillagel 6ml/11ml is instilled slowly into the urethra and the glans is compressed until the local anaesthetic and antiseptic effect has set in.
During cystoscopy and endoscopy: Instill 11ml, and if necessary an additional 6ml or 11ml. The entire urethra, including the external sphincter, must be covered with the lubricating film and be anesthetised for germ-free and pain less insertion of instruments. A penile clamp should be applied in the region of the coronal sulcus.
In urethral strictures (stricture division, bougienation): Instill 11ml, and if necessary an additional 6ml or 11ml, and apply a penile clamp. The required urethral anesthesia will be achieved after 5-10 minutes.
For disinfection: 6ml or 11ml of gel is spread (instilled) evenly on the mucous membrane.
For other applications: Instill 6 ml or 11 ml slowly into the relevant body orifice and/or spread the gel as evenly as possible on the catheter to be inserted or on the instrument.
Foley Catheter: 11ml for Male, 6ml for Female (apply the remaining gel to the extravaginal area).
Insert a foley catheter after instillation - prevents the urethral infection.
Nelatone's Catheter: 11ml for Male, 6ml for Female.
Insert a nelatone catheter after instillation for an aseptic procedure.
Prostate biopsy, Endorectal ultrasound: Instill 2 syringes of 11ml.
Proceed the procedure 2~3 minutes after the instillation.
Cystoscopy, HoLEP: Proceed the procedures 3~5 minutes after the instillation to maximize the anesthetic effect.
Hysteroscopy, IUD, D&C, biopsy, HIFU: Instill into the operation area using an extension tube (eg. Instillaquill)(11ml x 1).
Pain relieving and disinfecting the affected area after the natural delivery.
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