Isopto Carpine

Isopto Carpine





Firma Chun Cheong
Concise Prescribing Info
Pilocarpine HCl
Control of IOP in chronic simple glaucoma. May be used alone in acute glaucoma prior to emergency surgery, or in combination w/ other miotics or carbonic anhydrase inhibitors.
Dosage/Direction for Use
1 or 2 drops bd-qds. Acute glaucoma It may be necessary to repeat instillations up to 6 times a day.
Hypersensitivity. Cases where constriction is undesirable eg, in acute iritis. In case of glaucoma due to pupillary block, as long as a thorough examination of retina & its periphery has not been accomplished. Contains benzalkonium Cl; may not be used whenever soft contact lenses are worn.
Special Precautions
Should only be administered to myopic persons after examination of the retina & its periphery. Be attentive to possible systemic effects caused by resorption through the general circulation. Do not interrupt treatment abruptly. May affect the ability to drive or use machines. Pregnancy & lactation.
Adverse Reactions
Ciliary spasm, conjunctival vasodilatation, visual disturbances attributed to miosis or to accommodation spasms, myopia; reduced visual acuity in poor illumination in elderly & in patients w/ lens opacity; rare cases of retinal detachment; lenticular opacity following prolonged use; conjunctival hyperaemia, tearing, topical irritation, photophobia, itching, hypersensitivity reactions eg, allergic conjunctivitis &/or keratitis. Temporal or supraorbital headache.
Drug Interactions
Risk for potentiation of curarizing agents.
MIMS Class
Antiglaucoma Preparations
ATC Classification
S01EB01 - pilocarpine ; Belongs to the class of parasympathomimetics. Used in the treatment of glaucoma and miosis.
Isopto Carpine eye drops 4 %
15 mL x 1's
Isopto Carpine ophth soln 1 %
15 mL x 1's
Isopto Carpine ophth soln 2 %
15 mL x 1's
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