Kalinor-retard P

Kalinor-retard P Overdosage

potassium chloride


Nordmark Arzneimittel


Hind Wing
Four Star
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Excess potassium is rapidly excreted by normally functioning kidneys. A harmful excessive increase in the blood potassium concentration is therefore only to be expected in the case of significant overdose. As the normal function of the heart is impaired in the case of excessively elevated blood potassium concentrations, the patient should see a doctor immediately in the case of significant overdose. The blood potassium concentration can be measured by the doctor in a laboratory test and/or the cardiac rhythm can be checked using an ECG. Where necessary, the doctor can normalise the heart function and the blood potassium concentration using suitable measures. In the case of only mildly elevated blood potassium concentration, normalisation can occur through the normal excretion of potassium via the kidneys and also without further treatment.
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