Kalinor-retard P

Kalinor-retard P Special Precautions

potassium chloride


Nordmark Arzneimittel


Hind Wing
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Special Precautions
Particular caution is required when taking/using Kalinor-retard P 600 mg: The prescription of a solid potassium chloride preparation such as Kalinor-retard P 600 mg must be carefully considered by the doctor if there is a known impairment of the oesophagus or the gastrointestinal tract. It may be beneficial to prescribe a potassium preparation to be taken as a liquid (e.g. as effervescent tablets) if there is a narrowing in the oesophagus, stomach or intestine for example. Other possible causes for swallowing symptoms may also be diseases that involve taking specific medicines (such as anticholinergics that work similarly to atropine from belladonna). These medicines may cause a deceleration in the further transport of a bolus as well as medicines through the stomach and intestine. Prior to use, mineral and acid base balances (electrolyte and acid base statuses), cardiac rhythm and kidney function, particularly in elderly patients, should be checked. These values should be monitored during treatment initially in shorter intervals and later in longer intervals.
Driving and using machines: Taking Kalinor-retard P has no harmful effects on the ability to drive, the reaction capacity or the general ability to act, even when using machines or working without secure support.
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