Levothyroxine Actavis

Levothyroxine Actavis Side Effects

levothyroxine sodium




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Full Prescribing Info
Side Effects
Like all medicines, Levothyroxine tablets can cause side effects, although not everybody gets them. Please tell the doctor or pharmacist if the patient notices any of the following effects or any effects not listed.
Tell the doctor if the patient notices any of the following side effects: Allergic reactions: including a rash which may be itchy or swelling.
The following side effects may be due to high doses and usually disappear after reducing the dose or stopping the tablets. Tell the doctor if the patient notices: Heart: a racing heart, irregular heart beats, palpitations, anginal pain.
Central nervous system: headache, restlessness, excitability, difficulty in sleeping, flushing, sweating, fever, involuntary shakiness, heat intolerance.
Stomach and intestines: diarrhoea, being sick, excessive weight loss.
Muscle and bone: muscle cramps, muscular weakness.
Other: partial hair loss during first few months of therapy.
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