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One mL of solution contains 370 MBq of lutetium (177Lu) oxodotreotide at the date and time of calibration.
The total amount of radioactivity per single dose vial is 7,400 MBq at the date and time of infusion. Given the fixed volumetric activity of 370 MBq/mL at the date and time of calibration, the volume of the solution is adjusted between 20.5 mL and 25.0 mL in order to provide the required amount of radioactivity at the date and time of infusion.
Lutetium (177Lu) has a half-life of 6.647 days. Lutetium (177Lu) decays by β- emission to stable Hafnium (177Hf) with the most abundant β- (79.3%) having a maximum energy of 0.497 MeV. The average beta energy is approximately 0.13 MeV. Low gamma energy is also emitted, for instance at 113 keV (6.2%) and 208 keV (11%).
Excipient with known effect: Each mL of solution contains 0.14 mmol (3.2 mg) of sodium.
Excipients/Inactive Ingredients: Acetic acid, Sodium acetate, Gentisic acid, Ascorbic acid, Pentetic acid, Sodium chloride, Sodium hydroxide, Water for injections.
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