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Fresenius Kabi


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Drug Interactions
No specific medicinal product interaction studies other than probenecid were conducted.
Probenecid competes with meropenem for active tubular secretion and thus inhibits the renal excretion of meropenem with the effect of increasing the elimination half-life and plasma concentration of meropenem. Caution is required if probenecid is co-administered with meropenem.
The potential effect of meropenem on the protein binding of other medicinal products or metabolism has not been studied. However, the protein binding is so low that no interactions with other compounds would be expected on the basis of this mechanism.
Decreases in blood levels of valproic acid have been reported when it is co-administered with carbapenem agents resulting in a 60-100 % decrease in valproic acid levels in about two days. Due to the rapid onset and the extent of the decrease, co-administration of valproic acid/sodium valproate/valpromide with carbapenem agents is not considered to be manageable and therefore should be avoided.
Oral anti-coagulants: Simultaneous administration of antibiotics with warfarin may augment its anti-coagulant effects.
There have been many reports of increases in the anti-coagulant effects of orally administered anticoagulant agents, including warfarin in patients who are concomitantly receiving antibacterial agents.
The risk may vary with the underlying infection, age and general status of the patient so that the contribution of the antibiotic to the increase in INR (international normalised ratio) is difficult to assess. It is recommended that the INR should be monitored frequently during and shortly after co-administration of antibiotics with an oral anti-coagulant agent.
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