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Concise Prescribing Info
Prevention of urinary tract toxicity of oxazaphosphorines (eg, ifosfamide, cyclophosphamide or trofosfamide).
Dosage/Direction for Use
IV Adult Administer at time 0 (time of oxazaphosphorine administration), after 4 hr & after 8 hr, w/ each dose being 20% of the oxazaphosphorine dose. High dose cytotoxic therapy Total dose may be increased up to 120% of the oxazaphosphorine dose. Continuous infusions of ifosfamide Mesna bolus inj (20% of the ifosfamide dose) at time 0 (start of infusion), & add mesna to the continuous infusion at a dose of up to 100% of the ifosfamide dose. To maintain uroprotection after the end of ifosfamide infusion, give mesna dose equivalent to up to 50% of the ifosfamide dose for further 6-12 hr. Childn Administer more frequently (eg, 6 times) at shorter intervals (eg, 3 hr).
Special Precautions
Protective effect applies only to the urinary tract. False-positive detection of urinary ketones may arise. May impair ability to drive & use machines. Contains Na <1 mmol/mL of soln.
Adverse Reactions
Anaphylactoid & other hyperergic reactions; urticaria, itching, exanthema, enathema; increase in transaminases; fever, exhaustion, nausea & vomiting.
Drug Interactions
Incompatible w/ carboplatin, cisplatin & nitrogen mustard in vitro.
MIMS Class
Antidotes & Detoxifying Agents / Supportive Care Therapy
ATC Classification
V03AF01 - mesna ; Belongs to the class of detoxifying agents used in antineoplastic treatment.
Mesna Stada soln for inj 400 mg/4 mL
10 × 1's
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