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Dosage/Direction for Use
Unless otherwise prescribed, MESNA Stada is usually administered in adults intravenously at time 0 (time of oxazaphosphorine administration), after 4 hours and after 8 hours, with each dose being 20% of the oxazaphosphorine dose.
Example of MESNA Stada administration in oxazaphosphorine injection:

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Therapeutic experience in children has shown that a more frequent (e.g. six times) adminis­tration at shorter intervals (e.g. 3 hours) is useful (total dose of MESNA Stada 60% of the oxazaphosphorine dose).
The total dose of MESNA Stada may be increased up to 120% of the oxazaphosphorine dose in high dose cytotoxic therapy with oxazaphosphorines (e.g. conditioning prior to bone marrow transplantation).
In the case of continuous infusions of ifosfamide, it has proven effective to administer a mesna bolus injection (20% of the ifosfamide dose) at time 0 (start of infusion) and to add MESNA Stada to the continuous infusion at a dose of up to 100% of the ifosfamide dose. To maintain the uroprotection after the end of the ifosfamide infusion, a mesna dose equivalent to up to 50% of the ifosfamide dose should be given for further 6-12 hours.
Example of MESNA Stada administration with a 24-hour ifosfamide infusion:

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The duration of use of MESNA Stada is defined by the duration of the oxazaphosphorine therapy.
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