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Drug Interactions
If patients need to have an injection of a contrast medium that contains iodine into the bloodstreams, in the context of an X-ray or scan, they must stop taking Metphar XR before or at the time of injection. The doctor will decide when patients must stop and when to restart the treatment with Metphar XR.
Tell the doctor if taking, have recently taken or might take any other medicines. Patients may need more frequent blood glucose and kidney function tests, or the doctor may need to adjust the dosage of Metphar XR. It is especially important to mention the following: Medicines which increase urine production (diuretics (water tablets) such as furosemide).
Medicines used to treat pain and inflammation (NSAID and COX-2 inhibitors, such as ibuprofen and celecoxib).
Certain medicines for the treatment of high blood pressure (ACE inhibitors and angiotensin II receptor antagonists).
Steroids such as prednisolone, mometasone, beclomethasone.
Sympathomimetic medicines including epinephrine and dopamine used to treat heart attacks and low blood pressure. Epinephrine is also included in some dental anaesthethics.
Medicines that may change the amount of Metphar XR in the blood, especially if patients have reduced kidney function (such as verapamil, rifampicin, cimetidine, dolutegravir, ranolazine, trimethoprim, vandetanib, isavuconazole, crizotinib, olaparib).
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