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Special Precautions
If the patient has any problem or lesion on the scalp since a larger amount of the product can be absorbed; check to make sure there are no such problems before applying the product.
If the patient has a history of or suffer from any blood vessel or heart disease; since it should be recommended that the doctor check the blood pressure and heartbeat.
If the patient is a woman, she should be especially careful to wash the hands after using the product since if the product comes into contact with other parts of the body, there is a risk of hair growth in those areas.
If it comes in contact with the eyes, the patient must wash them with abundant water.
If the patient notices any other effect on the health or skin, stop treatment and consult the doctor.
Before beginning treatment with Minoxidil 5%w/v cutaneous solution, the doctor should conduct a complete check-up of the health.
Consult the doctor if any of the previous mentioned events has occurred to the patient at any time.
Use in subjects over 65 years of age and in children: The use of Minoxidil 5%w/v cutaneous solution is not recommended in the elderly or children as no studies have been carried out with those age groups.
Driving and using machines: There is no clinical data available regarding the possible effects of Minoxidil 5%w/v cutaneous solution on driving vehicles or using machines so any activities which require special concentration should be avoided until tolerance to the product has been ascertained.
Important information about some of the ingredients of Minoxidil 5%w/v cutaneous solution: Due to the presence of propylene glycol, Minoxidil 5%w/v cutaneous solution may cause irritation to the skin.
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