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Mohrus Patch



Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical


The Glory Medicina
Concise Prescribing Info
Relief of pain & inflammation in lumbago (muscular & fascial lumbago, spondylosis deformans, discopathy & sprain of lumbar spine), OA, humeroscapular periarthritis, tendinitis/tendovaginitis, peritendinitis, humeral epicondylitis, myalgia & post-traumatuc swelling/pain. Relief of local joint pain in RA.
Dosage/Direction for Use
Hypersensitivity. History of hypersensitivity to tiaprofenic acid, suprofen, fenofibrate or oxybenzone or octocrylene. History of or w/ aspirin-induced asthma. History of photosensitivity reactions. Women in the late stage of pregnancy.
Special Precautions
Patients w/ bronchial asthma. Contact dermatitis & photosensitive reactions may develop. Avoid exposure to sunlight. Risk of masking underlying skin infections. Observe patient's condition carefully & pay attention to possible development of adverse reactions during long-term treatment. In relief of local joint pain in RA, observe condition of joint pain during use & avoid unnecessary long-term continuous applications. Should be used only for patients who had been treated appropriately w/ drugs yet still have joint pain. Do not use on damaged skin & mucous membrane, & a site w/ eczema or rash. The safety during pregnancy, delivery or lactation, & in low birth wt infants, neonates, babies, infants or childn has not been established. Elderly.
Adverse Reactions
Contact dermatitis. RA: Application site itching, erythema, rash & dermatitis.
ATC Classification
M02AA10 - ketoprofen ; Belongs to the class of non-steroidal antiinflammatory preparations for topical use. Used in the treatment of joint and muscular pains.
Mohrus dermal patch 2%
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