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Special Precautions
Combination with beta-blockers: Caution should be exercised when using nicardipine in combination with a beta-blocker in patients with decreased cardiac function. In such case, the dosage of the beta-blocker should be adjusted to the clinical situation of each patient (see Interactions).
Injection site reactions: Infusion site reactions can occur, particularly with a prolonged duration of administration and in peripheral veins. It is advised to change the infusion site in case of any suspicion of injection site irritation. The use of a central venous line or of a greater dilution of the solution could reduce the risk of occurrence of injection site reaction.
Effects on ability to drive and use machines: Reactions to the medicinal product, which vary from one individual to another, may affect the ability to drive and use machines. More particularly at the beginning or in case of any change to treatment and in combination with alcohol. Precautions should be taken since the hypotensive effects of this medicinal product may cause dizziness.
Use in Children: The safety and efficacy of nicardipine IV has not been tested in controlled clinical trials in infants or children, thus special care is required in this population (see Dosage & Administration).
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